Reduce Cost Per Hire from $4000 to $1600*
Make Direct Sourcing Economical with Domain AI

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Automate manual recruitment tasks with Recruitment.Exchange (REX). Maximize candidate data bank utilization and instantly identify expert talent from your CV database with 98.5% accuracy.

  • Savings at Scale: REX's Domain Intelligent AI** helps reduce the cost per hire by 60% for organizations of all sizes, from startups to enterprises. Seamlessly automate your hiring processes, save costs, and drive accelerated business growth.
  • Industry-Agnostic AI Copilot: Whether hiring for tech, healthcare, manufacturing, or any other industry, REX enables recruiters and hiring managers to spot talent quicker and close demands faster.
  • Effortless Cross-Domain Recruitment: REX's unbiased AI Copilot enables every recruiter to do cross-domain hiring without specialized training. Increase monthly hires per recruiter and ace your hiring targets.

*Including the cost of sourcing, system, and staff

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    Transform Recruitment with Domain AI**
    Save Cost on Every Hire

    1. Every CV Costs, Make It Count

    Auto-screen any volume of CVs—thousands, millions, or more—with speed and accuracy. REX provides detailed insights on each CV in a standardized format and alerts on candidate fitment across all demands through cross-pollination.

    2. Switch to an All-in-One Recruitment Platform

    REX is a comprehensive AI Copilot for Recruitment. It auto-generates extensive skill inventory, and its Skill Proficiency Analyzer™ (SPA) powered by Domain Intelligent AI** recommends relevant candidates for your requirements with stack ranking. REX lets you streamline and centralize your recruitment process and, eliminates the need for multiple recruitment systems.

    3. Make Every Recruiter an ‘Exponential Recruiter’

    REX enables recruiters, regardless of their experience and domain expertise, to accurately identify experts across any domain and close positions faster. It streamlines manual processes, accelerates hiring, and increases monthly hires per recruiter to up to 15.

    High Cost per Hire
    Strains Budget & Efficiency

    • Less than 7% of new applicant CVs are often utilized by recruiters, leaving aside existing talent databases that remain forever untouched. This creates a need for fresh CV sourcing, adding to the overall costs
    • Due to inefficient legacy systems, recruiters use multiple tools for recruitment, which increases the cost per hire and complicates the hiring process
    • High cost per hire reduces hiring capacity and hinders an organization's ability to compete for top talent against competitors with cost-effective hiring processes
    Current Cost per Hire


    2 to 5
    Closures per Month
    • Recruiters today average only 3 closed positions per month because instead of communicating, engaging, and building relationships with candidates and stakeholders, they are busy in screening and identifying matching candidates
    • Utilizing less than 7% of candidates who apply for the job, leaving aside existing talent databases that remain forever untouched. This is because of limited recruiter bandwidth and constrained recruitment systems that cannot cross-pollinate
    • Recruiters, either experienced or especially new ones, struggle to close positions due to limited expertise and specific domain/industry knowledge. This impacts their personal growth and the company's hiring targets

    Recruitment.Exchange (REX)
    World’s #1 AI Copilot for Recruitment


    60% Cost Savings

    Lower your cost per hire across departments including the cost of sourcing, system, and staff

    98.5% Accurate Matching

    Powered by the world’s first and largest domain intelligent* Large Graph Model (LGM) for skills, helps spot experts instantly

    45% Candidate Utilization

    5X candidate utilization through cross-pollination of talent data helps maximize CV asset usage
    Moving on from a Legacy ATS?

    Learn how Domain AI*-powered Recruitment System can give you a competitive advantage

    Recruitment.Exchange is an enterprise-class Domain AI*-powered Recruitment System with a powerful mobile application.

    Choose only the modules and functionalities you need

    Configure the operating model to fit your business context

    Pay as you go and pay only for what you use


    Future-Proof Talent Strategy and Unleash the Power of Generative Skills AI

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    Spire.AI's full-stack SaaS talent solutions empower you to acquire, deploy, manage, reskill, grow and retain talent like never before.

    Our platform is built on a foundation of cutting edge technology:

    • Generative Skills AI Platform: Powered by 15+ years of deep domain research and world's first and largest Domain Intelligent* Large Graph Model (LGM) for Skills with over 10 million skill nodes and continuously growing
    • Adaptive & Configurable: Our systems adapts to your specific needs with a business context logic tuner and support for multiple business models within a single platform
    • Multi-lingual & Multi-format: Supports multilingual demand and supply data (130+ languages) in any formats
    • Flexible & Scalable: Microservices architecture allows you to choose the functionalities you need and integrate seamlessly with any system using our adaptive data fabric architecture

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      *Domain AI is an AI that understands the skills and their relationships in your business domain

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